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IPOX Breaking News: IPOX Indexes set to trump benchmarks on strong earnings !!!

IPOX notes strong earnings amongst select IPOX heavyweights, including U.S. Social networker Facebook (FB US), U.S. payment processor Paypal (PYPL US) or e-commerce platform Alibaba Group (BABA US). Respective exposure rose between 14% and 4% ahead of the opening. Affected IPOX Indexes include the IPOX Global 50 (IPGL50), IPOX U.S. Indexes (IPXO, IPXT) and the IPOX International Index (IPXI).

Actionable investment products available to U.S. and European investors include the First Trust U.S. IPO Fund (FPX US, FPX LN, FPXU FP) or the First Trust International IPO Fund (FPXI US).

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